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He is the Chief Architect of the firm Design Gravity that is a multi-disciplinary firm that has evolved over the years in the architecture industry. The firm specializes in making unique project happen.

Ar. Dewakar Raja

Design Gravity


Ar. Senthil Kumar

IIA Chairman, TN

He currently the Chairman of the Indian Institute of Architect, Tamil Nadu believes that optimum utilization of scarcely available resources should be the priority of every Architect.

Ar. Kalaivanan

Digital intuition - x, Chennai

He has his areas of interest in utilization of digital design & Mixed Reality with respect to cultural exploration and research 


Dr. Binumol Tom

Prof. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of  technology  Kottayam

She is a Professor at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology has her areas of interest in sustainability, Heritage conservation, Historical Studies, Research Methods, Traditional and Vernacular Architecture, Architectural journalism, Art and Architecture.

Ar. Srinath Gowtham , Ar. Vinoth Kumar

Bhutha Earthen  Architecture studio

They are from Bhutha earthen architecture studio focus on traditional methodologies and contemporary style. The concept at Bhutha is building structures using only eco-friendly materials to promote a healthier life and a safe home. The concept at Bhutha is such that it is a benefit to both the environment and people's well being, considering the natural calamities Mother Earth is up to.

Ar. Kiran JayaKumar

Inchscale Architects, Ernakulam

Educated in the gulf and gold medalist during undergrad, Kiran completed her masters in Architecture and planning. She holds three postgraduate degrees; masters from Bauhaus, one of the best design schools in the world, Helsniki Metropolia and Tongji university in Shanghai. She has interned at SITRA and has also worked under  Mr. Marco Steinberg of Harvard university on a project that involved Zero Carbon Housing and township.

She takes a keen interest in creative architecture, urban planning and design

Ar. Prasanna Paravatikar

Cubism Architects, Tirupur

He is from Cubism Architects and Interiors, Tirupur. His firm has achieved appreciation for outstanding service and dedication by WCSC. His firm has also been appreciated by the Indian Institution of Architects, Tamil Nadu and awarded the innovative interior design award


Ar. Mushthaq Mahmood,Ar. Shino Krishnan,Ar. Shahas Babu

AGAM Architects

Agam Architects is established by AR. Shahas Babu , AR. Mustaq Mahmood , AR. Shino Krishnan in the year 2015 . The partern are graduates of Ranganathan Arcitecture College, Coimbatore.

They strongly belive the best way to practice architecture is by exploring and are persistently in hunt for new technologies and advancements in field of architecture through research and travel

Ar. Prashant Mohan

Running Studios

Running studios is the architectural photography venture of architect-turned-photographer Prasanth Mohan. The studio is first of its kind photography venture in India – focusing on architectural photography alone and skilfully combining the nuances of architecture and photography.  the firm also conducts number of workshops and has received awards and appreciated for his works.

Ar. Sriram Ganapathi

KSM Architecture studio

He is from KSM architecture studio has been a part of KSM since its inception. Having become one of the ‘Young Designers’ cited by IA&B (Indian Architect and Builder) in 2002, he has been working towards energy efficient and climatically relevant architecture through KSM. He firmly believes that the design process is as important as the designed artifact itself.


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